Yahoo! Hidden Icons for Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is not limited to the emoticons that it shows in its list, there are some easter eggs, hidden icons and goodies. try and amaze your friends by using these wonderful free emoticons in yahoo messenger chat. Happy IMing & Chatting.


Animated faces:

Winking face being punched: b-(
Coffee cup: ~o)
Alien coming out of scared face: >-)
Praying: [-o<
Dazed eyes: @-)
Money eyes: $-)
Whistling: :-"
Piniochio-nose growing: :^o
Shaking finger no-no style: [-x
Disco: \:D/
Wants a hug: >:D<

Static faces:

Chicken: ~:>
Clover: %%-
Staredown/evil eye: :-L

Yahoo Fighter IMViromnent:

Black hair: o->
Blonde: 0=>
Brunette: 0-+
Yin-Yang: (%)

Mixed from Yahoo Help:

3:-O cow
:(|) monkey
~:> chicken
@};- rose
%%- good luck
**== flag
(~~) pumpkin
~o) coffee
*-:) idea
8-X skull
=:) alien 1
>-) alien 2
:-L frustrated
<):) cowboy
[-o< praying
@-) hypnotized
$-) money eyes
:-" whistling
:^o liar liar
b-( beat up
:)>- peace
[-X shame on you
\:D/ dancing
>:D< hugs

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